Hawaiian Military History

Military history: ancient

Hawaiian history:

Hawaii culture:

Mythic Hawaii:

Role of women in Hawaiian warfare:

Luakini Heiau and Forts

Moʻokini Luakini Heiau:


Halemaumau at Kilauea:

The heiau that may be a fort at Puʻuhonua O Hōnaunau:

Kamehameha's Capital and Kuakini's Fort in Kailua:

Kekahuna maps of heiau:


Mattos family Hawaiian weapons:

Weaponry on display in Hilo:

Weaponry on display in Kona:

Weapons on display in Honolulu:

Hawaiian weapons and their use:

Hawaiian weapons from Solomon Kaihewalu:


Finding the Books

Source of reading material on warfare in Hilo:

Source for many books that include Hawaiian warfare available to read online: The Hawaiian Electronic Library 

Hawaiian Legends Index:

Lua Training

Lua with olohe Dr. Mitchell Eli:

Lua training ʻŌloha Solomon Kaihewalu:

Techniques and training in lua:

The Way of the Warrior:

Specific Battles

Battle of Kuamoʻo on Hawaiʻi:

Battle of Nuʻuanu on Oʻahu:

Battles at sea around the island of Hawaiʻi:

More Opportunities to Pursue Hawai'i of Old

The ultimate access to Mahele records is at the Waihona 'Aina website:

The Society for Hawaiian Archaeology:

The Maritime Archaeology and History of the Hawaiian Islands Foundation:

Videos and Imagery

Manny Mattos Hawaiian weapons:

Tom Wolforth on Hibachi Talk TV chatting about the Hawaiian Warfare project:

Herb Kane's amazing portrayals of Hawaiian warfare: